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Here's How To Ltd are dedicated to providing services that empower you to be the best that you can possibly be.


We do this by using our combined experience in our house of brands, focussing on Human Potential, Property Investing, and more.



Here's How To

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The company that started it all for our founder, Chris. Originally an IT training company, Here's How To expanded its services into human potential training and CBT before Chris' passing in 2023. Now it's our figurehead brand for a collection of companies that teach humans to maximising their potential by thinking differently to be happy

HH2: Living

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HH2:Living strives to provide quality housing throughout the UK, by uplifting tired and run down properties to modern standards that bring joy to their occupants.

Self Help from The Seven Kingdoms

Self Help from the Seven Kingdoms is our newsletter which gives a tongue in cheek look at self help material with the help of quotes from the Game of Thrones universe. 



Richmond Upon Thames




Here's How To is registered in England Registration number: 08210613


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