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Here's How To was established in 2003 by Chris Mynett.  Its purpose and mission is to Is to be the the best at teaching and training people to be the best and and most productive they can be by living a life of self empowerment.

Chris Mynett
Founder and Director

Chris has a background in many different careers from logistics, auditing, and sales, to his longest: He was an early adopter in teaching people how to use the Internet. He subsequently moved on to open his own business in 2003. Chris is a former certified member of the Learning and Performance Institute; he has taught thousands of people all over the world on many different business applications, from very simple to extremely complex solutions.

Chris has a passion for translating complex ideas by making them simple to understand, taking the “tech” out of “technical” and putting a smile into simple. He is proud to have been one of the first twelve people in the world to become an online-certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach in October 2015. 

This year sees Chris is embarking on developing his business helping people develop themselves and change situations in their lives.  It is Chris’s ambition to share his knowledge of the Success Principles and other methodologies to help people who want to make a change to their lives in a positive way.  Chris is proud to be the co-author to Jack Canfield in "The Road to Success" vol 1.  

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