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1 Stuart

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my absolute gratitude for the sterling coaching that Chris provided me.

During December of 2015, I embarked on my ‘Success Principles’ journey with Chris.  What became evidently clear from day one, is that there are many life skills that we have, but underutilise.  For me personally, I needed to improve in a number of areas in my life; meeting obligations (both personal and professional), setting appropriate expectations of family, customers, and colleagues, and not fearing change.

As a Success Principles Coach, Chris was excellent at helping me bring the best out of me as a person.  Week by week I could see vast improvements in the way that I was conducting myself, both at home and in the workplace.  The way that Chris nurtured me through this journey led me to feel incredibly excited about what the future brings; I found that both family and colleagues were remarking about the change in my personality and enthusiasm.

Chris was very adept at keeping me balanced, and not letting my enthusiasm take precedence over the hard work that I had to do.  You will find out very quickly, that if you don’t make Success Principles a part of your lifestyle, you will soon drift back in do less productive behaviors; Chris identifies this very quickly and will adeptly steer you back onto the right track!

I am privileged to have known Chris professionally for five years and was extremely humbled to have received a vast transfer of Chris’ own life experience, which is day-by-day making me a happier and more productive person.  I now have a certainty that by practicing Success Principles daily, I can achieve anything that I set out to do.

Thank you Chris!

2 Ektaa

My experience of 121 coaching sessions with Chris Mynett is truly a game-changer in my business and life. With the help of these valuable sessions, I have changed the way I think. I learned so many valuable techniques that helped me to create better outcomes in all the areas of my life.
I increased my self-esteem and confidence, which helped me to get a high ticket paid client. Something which would have been possible in a year was possible in 5 weeks. I increased my self-worth through these 121 coaching sessions.
I was charging a low fee for my 121 coaching sessions, and just within 4 weeks, I transformed. I felt worthy to ask for the value I give.   
Another breakthrough was creating more harmony in my relationships. I have achieved harmony while I have been working on my business. Everything has fallen in place. Chris has instilled in me a belief that, when one changes the way they think, everything else outside changes. From the result of changed thinking, better results can be created.
What stood out for me was the way Chris has guided and given direction. He has been sensitive, understanding, and approachable. 
This is only a part of the gains I have had from the sessions. There has been a lot of transformation that happened in the background to be where I am right now. I am truly happy that I took these sessions and will surely recommend it to anyone who is looking forward to creating everlasting changes in their life and business. Go ahead and connect on a call with Chris and invest in yourself, because it is going to make a difference in your life and business.

Thank you Chris

3 Roy

I have had the benefit of Chris's coaching for years now. My current lifestyle and career, better than I used to dare dream of, that's the key measure of a great coach - Results! It certainly wasn't always that way. Chris has been an essential part of that growth journey. Sometimes that has been a coaching intensive session over a few days, sometimes a phone session or even just an informal chat. Along the way Chris has adapted to meet my needs, opportunities, challenges, and style. I had specific areas of focus on career\lifestyle and family, but also carried the more generic dream slayers of self-doubt and procrastination. Strangely writing this review when I look back at all that self-doubt, it's like I was a different person back then. It becomes hard to truly evaluate the influence of great coach, because if they are really good they are seamless, leaving you feeling like maybe you had it in the bag all along. I don't feel dependent on, I feel empowered by Chris. In summary with Chris as a coach - I'm much better at being me I aspire to be - if that makes sense :). If you suspect you need a coach - Do yourself a favour - Contact Chris now.

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